Game-Day Eats Any Football Fan Will Love to Try

September 20, 2016 | klein

If there’s one thing all football fans can agree on, it’s that you have to have the perfect snacks to get you through the big game. The next time you have your friends over to Orangewood Park Apartments to watch some football, make these game-day eats that everyone will love.

Super Quick Chili []
While cooking chili may seem like an all-day affair, it doesn’t have to be when you have a recipe like this one. In just under 30 minutes you can create a perfectly spicy, flavorful chili and serve it in miniature bread bowls made out of store-bought dinner rolls.

Asiago-Artichoke Dip []
Make your usual cheese dip a bit more sophisticated with this unique but equally simple recipe. The addition of prosciutto and green onions gives the cheesy concoction a big burst of flavor, and you can serve it with your choice of bagel chips, toasted bread slices, or gourmet crackers for easy dipping.

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings []
If you want to make classic chicken wings a bit healthier, this baked recipe is a great option. Instead of frying the wings in a deep fryer, this recipe involves baking them in the oven with a complex ginger-soy glaze that’s still spicy enough to satisfy your hot wing cravings.

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